Elena I Danilina, Lilia T Agliullina


Instead of the fixed time method the difference in induction periods of decolorization of a blank solution and a sample solution has been suggested as analytical signal for iodate ion determination by Landolt reaction of methyl orange with potassium bromate in the presence of hydrazine. Optimal conditions are: 0.024 M H2SO4, 2∙10–6 M methyl orange, (5–6)∙10–5 M KBrO3, 1∙10–5 N2H4. Calibration curve is linear in (0.06–2.4) μg/mL range, reproducibility error is less than 2.7%, relative error of determination is less than 3.3 %, for aqueous solution analysis.

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kinetic analysis; photometric analysis; iodate; Landolt reaction; induction period; methyl orange; bromate; hydrazine

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