Юрий Васильевич Матвейчук, Марина Викторовна Илькаева, Евгения Анатольевна Вершинина, Владимир Игоревич Баталов, Екатерина Владимировна Барташевич


Combined approach to analysis of 2-allylthioquinoline and 2-ethylthioquinoline solutions has been performed on the basis of UV-Vis spectroscopy. Experimental and calculated electronic absorption spectra of these compounds in various solvents: acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, dichloromethane, ethanol have been considered. The negative solvatochromic effect has been observed. The results of our calculations have revealed that the spectra of various conformers of 2-allylthioquinoline differ more essentially than the spectra of 2-ethylthioquinoline conformers. It has been shown that the location of λmax band doesn’t drastically depend on allyl or alkyl substitution at the sulfur atom.

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electronic absorption spectra; substituted 2-thioquinolines; solvatochromic effect; TD DFT calculation

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