Владимир Викторович Шарутин, Ольга Константиновна Шарутина, Владислав Станиславович Сенчурин, Радмир Мухаметович Хисамов, Татьяна Владимировна Мосунова


The interaction of equimolar amounts of tetra-p-tolylphosphonium and tetra-p-tolylstybonium iodides with bismuth triiodide in 2-ethoxyethanol leads to formation of the complexes [p-Tol4E]+3[Bi3I12]3– ∙ HOCH2CH2OC2H5  E=P (I), Sb (II). X-ray diffraction analysis of compounds (I) and (II) has shown that in the cations of complexes I and II the coordination of phosphorus and antimony atoms is tetrahedral (angles equal: CPC 107.3(3)°-113.4(4)° (I), CSbC 105.4(3)°-113.7(3)° (II); bond lengths for P–C and Sb–C are 1.761(9)-1.815(7) Å and 2.085(8)-2.099(8) Å, respectively). In trinuclear anions [Bi3I12]3- the terminal fragments BiI3 (Bi-Iterm 2.8714(5)-2.9181(5) Å (I), 2.8867(5)-2.9248(6) Å (II)) are bonded to the central bismuth atom through six μ2-bridging iodine atoms (Bi-Ibr 3.0454(6)-3.3891(6) Å (I), 3.0595(4)-3.3694(6) Å (II)).

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bismuth triiodide; bismuth complexes [p-Tol4E]+3[Bi3I12]3- ∙ HOCH2CH2OC2H5; E=P; Sb; synthesis; structure

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