Владимир Викторович Шарутин, Ольга Константиновна Шарутина, Владислав Станиславович Сенчурин


Iridium complex [Ph4Sb(DMSO)]+[IrCl4(DMSO)2](1) has been synthesized by interaction of tetraphenylstibonium chloride with sodium hexachloroiridate(III) in water. From X-ray diffraction analysis data, two types of crystallographically independent cations [Ph4Sb(DMSO)]+  and anions [IrCl4(DMSO)2] exist in the crystal. The antimony atoms in cations have distorted trigonal-bipyramidal surroundings with O-dimethyl sulphoxide ligand in axial position (equatorial angles CSbC 113.6(2)°–121.2(2)°, axial angles CSbО 178.33(18)°, 176.47(18)°, bond lengths Sb–Сeq 2.106(6)–2.119(6) Å, Sb–Сax 2.126(6), 2.130(6) Å, Sb–О 2.545(4), 2.465(4) Å). In mononuclear octahedral anions the equatorial positions are occupied by chlorine atoms (angles ClIrCl-trans178.69(7)°–179.56(7)°, SIrS-trans 178.35(7)°, 175.88(7)°; dimethyl sulfoxide ligands are coordinated with iridium atoms through sulfur atoms (Ir–S 2.2958(16)-2.3148(17) Å), bond lengths Ir-Cl vary in the range 2.3407(19)–2.3681(17) Å. The structural organization in the crystal is determined by interionic hydrogen bonds (H∙∙∙Cl 2.80–2.94 Å and H∙∙∙O 2.56–2.71 Å).

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tetraphenylstibonium chloride; sodium hexachloroiridate(III); dimethyl sulfoxide; (dimethylsulfoxido)tetraphenylstibonium bis(dimethylsulfoxido)tetrachloroiridate(III); synthesis; X-ray diffraction analysis; structure

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