Владимир Викторович Шарутин, Ольга Константиновна Шарутина, Владислав Станиславович Сенчурин


Tri(meta-tolyl)antimony bis(benzenesulfonate) m-Tol3Sb(OSO2C6H5)2 (1) has been synthesized by interaction of tri(meta-tolyl)antimony with benzenesulfonic acid in the presence of tert-butyl hydroperoxide (mole ratio 1:2:1) in ether solution. Antimony atoms in 1 have trigonal-bipyramidal coordination with arenesulfonate substituents in axial positions (OSbO 171.05(11)°, CSbC 116.21(19)°, 117.38(18)°, 126.40(15)°). The Sb-C and Sb-O distances equal 2.091(4), 2.098(4), 2.115(4) и 2.105(2), 2.116(3) Å. Intermolecular contact (Sb···O 3.421(3) Å) occurs between the central atom and the oxygen atom of sulfonate group.

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tri(meta-tolyl)antimony; benzenesulfonic acid; tert-butyl hydroperoxide; molecular structure; X-ray diffraction analysis

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