Владимир Викторович Шарутин, Ольга Константиновна Шарутина, Владислав Станиславович Сенчурин


Gold complexes [p-Tol4Sb]+[p-TolAuCl3]- (1) and [p-Tol4Sb]+[AuCl4]- (2) have been synthesized by interaction of tetra-para-tolylstibonium chloride and aurichlorohydric acid tetrahydrate in acetone. In 1 the tetra-para-tolylstibonium cations are tetrahedral (Sb-C 2.091(7)-2.097(6) Å, СSbС 106.1(3)°-112.7(3)°), the [p-TolAuCl3]- anions have square-planar structure (Au-Cl 2.286(2)-2.389(2) Å, Au-C 2.028(7) Å, ClAuCl 89.92(9)°, 92.42(9)°, 176.68(8)°, CAuCl 88.27(18)°, 89.57(18)°, 175.59(19)°). In crystal 2 the geometrical characteristics of cations (Sb-C 2.076(7)-2.097(9), СSbС 106.5(3)°-111.5(4)°) and [AuCl4]- square-planar anions (Au-Cl 2.248(3)-2.278(3) Å, ClAuCl 89.17(9)°-90.74(13)°, 177.24(16)°, 177.61(13)°) are similar to those in 1.

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synthesis; structure; gold compounds; X-ray diffraction analysis

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