Capabilities of Structure Modeling for Azaheterocycles and the Comparison to Ftir Spectroscopy Data

Мария Александровна Гришина, Владимир Александрович Потёмкин


The capabilities of algorithms Globa-AlteQ, MultiGen-AlteQ, MOPS-AlteQ for modeling the structures of both individual molecules and their complexes in liquids, solutions and crystals have been considered. The calculated and experimental IR spectra have been compared. It has been shown that the frequencies in the calculated and experimental spectra are consistent with the correlation coefficients of not less than 0.99, which indicates good possibilities of the methods in modeling both individual molecules and their complexes in liquids, solutions and crystals. Moreover, the proposed methods can be successfully used to further confirm the structure. This is especially important for liquids and solutions where direct structure determination by X-ray diffraction methods is impossible.

Ключевые слова

molecular modeling; azaheterocycles; IR spectroscopy; molecular complexes

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