Unified Approach for Provision of Supercomputer Center Resources

Andrei V. Paokin, Dmitry A. Nikitenko


Within one supercomputer center, there may be several computing systems with different architectures and principles of work with the end user. When organizing user access, it is necessary to fully describe the systems for the coordinated choice of tasks, software packages and hardware by the user, as well as to take into account the details of quotas, authentication, and launching applications on each of the individual machines within a single workflow. In this paper, we propose an approach to the provision of resources of a supercomputer center, where a user, using a complete description of computing systems, creates requests for access with desirable quotas. The approach describes the life cycle of access. When an access state transition occurs, it is supposed to interact with computing systems through their interfaces without deep integration. An overview of widely used approaches to quoting and organizing access is given, and the proposed approach is implemented as a software module for the Octoshell supercomputer center support system and tested on a computing system managed by the OpenNebula cloud computing platform.

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supercomputer center administering; resource provision; Octoshell

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