Екатерина Сергеевна Баландина, Татьяна Юрьевна Передриенко


Contemporary linguistics embraces diverse complex issues, with the linguistic aspects of interlingual
speech activity (translation) being a key one. Discipline “Translation theory” is considered to be an
important aspect of learning process that is included into the integrated approach of foreign language
teaching. Nowadays a lot of foreign students from foreign countries decide to continue their education
in Russia. Thus, Russian educational institutions have to adapt their programs according to the demands
of new students. Foreign language department of South Ural State University offers to complete the
program 45.04.01 “Philology”, that allows students working as teachers, translators and researchers in
the field of linguistics and philology after the graduation. “Translation theory” is included into the obligatory
list of subjects as it helps to establish connections between the source language and target language
and to compare not only language forms, but also worldviews. The main aim of the article is to
present the perception of the translation by Arabic students, the organisation peculiarities and the structure
of the course “Translation theory”, to set up the goal of the course, to select the most significant
topics that help Master students to get acquainted with the Russian translation theory. By using a mixed
methods approach the authors also offer interesting tasks that could be given to students for individual
work and enumerate difficulties that they come across during the implementation of the course. In conclusion,
the most important competences that are formed during this discipline are presented.

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foreign students, competence, translation theory, incomplete sentences method

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