Yuan Peng-Xiang, Li Yue-Qin, Irina Yurievna Okolnishnikova


Social security system is a main content and one of the most important symbols for the construction of Chinese modern society, it is a stabilizer for the society development and the key to guarantee the life quality of social members in our country. But with the increasingly prominent problem in the construction and reform of the social security system, it is urgently needed for the innovation of participants to satisfy the current demands for social security system construction, as a new role, social force’s participation is an inevitable trend. Through the interpretation of the concept of social force and social security system, and the relationship between social forces, government and the market, this article points out that the construction of social security system need the participate of social force, and then puts forward six suggestions on how to promote the social security system construction rely on social forces.

Ключевые слова

social forces; government; social security; public services

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